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The German commune of Ratekau was the first international partner of Czaplinek. Since 1991 the cooperation has been very fruitful. Kluczewo, which is part of Czaplinek's commune, plays an important role in this contact.

After that, the commune of Czaplinek entered into communication with the German commune of Bad Schwartau. Partnership agreement was signed on 4 September, 1993. The representatives of the town council, councilors, teachers, students, the representatives of various organizations and associations as well as inhabitants of both towns took part in this ceremony. The agreement was signed by the mayor of Schwartau - Joachim Wegener and governor of the town - Dr Hou, from the other side there were the mayor of Czaplinek Wiktor Wos and the chairman of the town council Wieslaw Zegalski.

Czaplinek is a member of the Euroregion Pomerania and therefore co-operates with three German communes: Grimmen, Marlow, Lychen.

On 19-21 July, 2002 a delegation of 40 inhabitants of Marlow and Grimmen paid a partnership visit to Czaplinek. The meeting aimed to present the values of Czaplinek and revive direct contacts between the inhabitants of these communes. The agreement of partnership signed by Czaplinek, Grimmen and Marlow was the culmination of the meeting.

At the solemn ceremony, the act was signed by the mayor of the commune and town Czaplinek - Zenon Rychliczek together with the chairman of the town council - Andrzej Cogl; from Grimmen there were: the mayor - Beno Rüster and his deputy - Ingo Belka, and finally Marlow was represented by the mayor - Heino Schütt and his deputy - Achim Winkler.

Since 16 November 2001, a grammar school from Czaplinek has been in a partnership with Pestalozzi - Schule in Lychen. The agreement signed then, aimed to strengthen mutual contacts and build friendships between the pupils of these schools. The pupils of one school can participate in various cultural or sport events organized by the partner school. Authorities of Pestalozzi-Schule have been trying to support the training of German teachers in Czaplinek as well as to provide a didactic help on German lessons.

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