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Czaplinek's Cultural Center
78-550 Czaplinek
ul. Plawienska 1a
tel./fax (0-94) 375-55-06



The necessity to revive the cultural life of the region was so strong that on the 1 August 1980 Czaplinek's Cultural Center was founded. The Center aimed to co-ordinate all cultural, artistic and amusement events in the town and commune.

As the organizer of many concerts, lectures, anniversaries, tournaments and competitions the Cultural Centre has played host to many fames. It has also organized outdoor events of municipal range (e.g. Feriada Art.-Eko, Czaplinek Days, municipal and commune harvest home) and national range (e.g. J. Ch. Pasek Recitation and Singing Poetry Competition). There have been also regular activities organized during a school year: Artists' Club for Children, Czaplinek's Theatre of Shadow BAJERA, Dancing Studio TO - TO, Song Studio TO - TO, Vocal Band ELFY and break dance bands. There is also aerobics, Chess Sport Club KORONA, common room for youth and a meeting place of Senior Club.

Czaplinek's Cultural Center co-operates with Communal Music School and common rooms in 15 villages of the region.

What is more, Czaplinek's Cultural Center includes Municipal Public Library seated at primary school in Czaplinek (Wałecka Street 49, tel. (94) 375-54-64). The Center co-operates closely with local media, associations, businessmen and schools. It also offers computer services and hiring the building for various ordered events.

For 10 years, the Center has been co-operating with the partner German city - Schwartau. Many cultural events, exhibitions, competitions, feasts have been organized together. Artists from Czaplinek have been invited to Bad Schwartau to present their skills. For 6 years, in Bad Schwartau's Museum the exhibitions of Christmas Traditions have been presented. Exhibits come from Artists'Club for children, common rooms and pupils from Czaplinek's schools. Czaplinek's Cultural Center employs qualified instructors, who put their heart and soul in their work.

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