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On the south from Czaplinek, amid colourful fields and near Broczyno Lake we can find a village called Broczyno. This flat, deforested and agriculturally developed land used to be an excellent foundation for frequently built here palaces and manor houses (some of which remained in a good shape up to now). In the village there are a few XIX century houses, including bolted ones.

Historical palace with a surrounding park is situated near Broczyno Lake, just 100 meters from the road Czaplinek - Walcz (starting from Czaplinek on your right side). This palace was built in the second half of XIX century in a very unusual manner. The owner of the building, who wanted to stress the significance of his family ordered to create it in a few different architectural styles. Therefore from the "lake-side" this original building has eight-wall, brick tower covered with helmet, its left wing has two floors, right - three. This construction is based on a high, stone pedestal which completes the overall great effect. At present, the palace is occupied by workers of Borne Sulinowo forestry management who live here. Unfortunately, besides interesting high hall no original equipment of the building survived. The palace is surrounded by XIX century park created in an English style. In the park of total area 2,25 ha grow beeches, oaks, hornbeams, horse chestnuts, maples and spruces.

The old manor house is situated on the boundaries of the village (moving from Czaplinek on your left side). It was built in 1925-1928 in modernist style. Side wings are moved forward, the middle part is taller and has a small tower covered with a helmet with a flag. Please do not forget to look at the left side of the building - you can admire a picturesque entry gate there. This impressive manor house is definitely a unique work of art and therefore cannot be missed on your trip. At present this place acts as a primary school.

In the middle of the village, just next to the right side of the road Czaplinek-Walcz you will spot the rotunda. This round church was built in the beginning of the 1980s on the base of J. Kirszak project. This 16- wall rotunda, 15 m in diameter, together with an adjacent semicircular apse is paved with field natural stones. The church has a dome with a lantern ended with a spire. Next to the rotunda we can find a belfry with a bell from 1595m, the last remaining part of an old half-timbered church.
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