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Rzepowo is a small village situated on the north-west from Czaplinek near Rzepowskie Lake and Drawa river. This is an actual boundary of the commune of Czaplinek. Buses are very rare here and asphalt roads do not go any further. Quietness, picturesque river, abundance of fish and forests full of mushroom are the perfect features of Rzepowo for those who want to rest far from the civilization.

In the village there are a few brick buildings from the end of XIX century.

Lovely located agrotouristic farm near Drawa River offers attractions such as: fish ponds, ostrich farms and campsite for canoeists.

Neo-Gothic church The most interesting building of Rzepowo is visible from the longer distance. It is a Neo-Gothic church, built in 1870. Although the temple is not very impressive, it has an interesting appearance and belongs to the best historical buildings of Czaplinek commune. The church tower is rather low, quadrangular, covered with a helmet with four spires. The chancel, of the shape of pentagon, is decorated with two signatures. In every corner of the church we can find a spire.
Do not miss a historical lime tree in the church park. Its circumference is impressive - 445 cm. This is the remnant of the palace and park complex, destroyed in the 1970s.
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