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Near Henrykowska Bay of Drawsko Lake, on the north from Czaplinek we can find a village Siemczyno. This area is extremely interesting. Undulating lands full of hills, mysterious lakes, lush forests and narrow bays of Drawsko Lake are definitely worth seeing. The village is distinguished by a long history, reaching XIII century. A baroque, impressive palace is a proof of former magnificence of this land. The palace used to be an ancestral seat of Goltz family, one of the biggest aristocratic, pommeranian families, which for centuries maintained in close contacts with Poland. The owner of Siemczyno during Swedish deluge joined the ranks of Polish king's supporters (similarly to the Goltz family from Tuczno - Walcz region - where the history of the family survived in their castle).
In Siemczyno it is possible to rent a summerhouse or just to live in a tent.

Palace and park The biggest palace in Czaplinek's region is hidden in a big (over 3 ha), XVIII century park. But it is not the usual set of trees, it is a work of art - a beautiful composition of oaks, limes, maples, spruces spread along the breathtaking hornbeam alley. The palace was built in 1722 - 1728 in baroque style, later enlarged and rebuilt. The building has a shape of horseshoe with a terrace in the middle. The central part is covered with a dormer roof, left wing has one floor, right one is a low annexe. From the old equipment there are not many exhibits left - only parts of two fireplaces, a piece of furnace of Dutch panes and gypsum stuccoworks in one of the rooms on the floor.

The park, easily available for tourists, is not less marvellous than the palace. The park covers the area of 3 ha on the south from the building. Diversity of tree species is interesting, because we can spot here oaks, limes, maples, spruces, beeches and hornbeams. On the both sides of the road, leading to the palace grow 2-3 meters high hornbeam hedges. In the past, they used to be regularly cut, but later for 50 years this action has never been undertaken. Now, the hornbeams grow widely, but the care and cutting from the past can be still visible. In the southern part of the park, we can find former ponds joined by the ditch with a Wilczkowo Lake.

At present, the palace and adjacent old farm are being renovated. On holidays, there are lessons of clay forming and horse riding organized. What is more, young people perform the life of past inhabitants of the palace.

Neo-Gothic church

In the village, we can find a baroque chapel, built in 1699, which contained in its cellars the Goltz family crypt (former owners of Siemczyno). At present, the chapel acts as a sacristy of the Neo-Gothic church built in 1854 - 1856. Inside the temple, please pay your attention to beautiful XIX century organ and concert hall, located in empore of the church. Neo-Gothic altar in the chancel is also worth seeing. In the old chapel, there is a XIX century heraldic frieze, above which we can see the Golz family crest among alegoric scenes.
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