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This village is located on a large upthrust among Sikory Lake and Komorze Lake (0,5 km south-west from it). Beautiful surroundings of this peaceful, devoid of tourists village, attract those, who want to rest away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. Sikory invites us to many interesting spots such as a bathing place at huge Komorze Lake and a canoeing trip on Pilawa River - one of the most picturesque rivers on Drawskie Lakeland. Smaller Sikory is situated practically in the village.

Sikory can pride on a long history, reaching early medieval ages. Near Dolgie Wielkie Lake (1 km on the south) there used to be a settlement and near Komorze Lake there were several small villages. Another settlement was situated 4 km eastwards on the cape going deeply in Komorze Lake. From XIV century the village used to be a pottery center and important producer of bricks. The entire castle of Drahim was built of these bricks. They were transported to Żerdno Lake and later floated on the rafts to the building site. In the XVI century there were a dozen or so potters and one brickyard.

In Sikory there are a few XIX century brick and bolted houses and XIX century utility buildings.

One of the main attractions of Sikory is a "Pottery Settlement" with a clay furnace. Everyone can try to make a pottery here. We strongly recommend paying a visit to an agrotouristic farm, in the vicinity of the settlement, where the owner presents and sells his sculptures. For the whole year it is possible to rent a separate house in an agrotouristic farm.

Neo-romanesque church
This rather small, stone church was built in 1869. It is situated on a hill and surrounded by a wall made of field stones. Although it does not have a tower and its shape is very simple and regular, the church both from inside and outside is worth seeing. It captivates with its simplicity and lack of additional needless decorations.
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