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Grammar school in Czaplinek
Primary school in Czaplinek
Primary school in Broczyno
Primary school in Machliny
Primary school in Kluczewo
Kindergarten in Czaplinek
Salesian Nuns Private Kindergarten
Post-grammar schools complex
Secondary School
Vocational school

Primary school in Czaplinek

  • ul. Walecka 49,
    78-550 Czaplinek,
    tel. (094) 375 5655; 375 5489;
    tel./fax (094) 375 523.

  • Headmaster: MA Stanislaw Nowicki,
  • Deputy heads: MA Aleksander Fudala and MA Grazyna Kucza

On average, 800 pupils from classes I - VI attend this school; they form 33 classes. Most pupils come from Czaplinek but there are also 250 persons from other parts of the commune.

There are a few types of class profiles (specialized, integrative) in the school. The school is equipped with a large gymnasium and a laboratory with 15 computers. On the first floor there is a library center located, which includes school's library and public library.

During a holiday season, the school rents its rooms for pupils and youth from different regions of the country.

The school also organizes youth exchange with a German town Grimmen.

The school employs 57 teachers and 24 workers of administration.

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